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Judy Bragg Pardo was born in Upstate New York where she learned to love and appreciate nature. She moved to Florida and later attended Valencia Community College (VCC) and received her A.S. degree in Graphic Design Technology. She is a graphic artist at the University of Central Florida and enjoys working in positive environment.

Her journey through life has always been balanced with her art and writings, the brush or pen. She paints mostly in watercolors or acrylics, but is not restricted to those mediums. Her work may be considered spiritual, surreal and/or visionary. She signs her name, "Jude."

Pardo loves the challenge to paint with pastels on large canvases of sidewalk cement in street painting festivals. Even though this is temporary art, she says her pleasure is to see the people enjoy my art, their smiling faces/taking the extra moment to stop and view her sidewalk art.

Her interests are hiking, bike riding, music, becoming one with nature and meditation/psychic/mediumship. I stand up to what I believe in.

“I thank my husband, children and family for all their outstanding patience and encouragement,” says Pardo.


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